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What We Offer - Investment Research

  • Total Advisory and Research Analysts – approximately 60.
  • The Research Team maintains a strictly-derived “short list” of strategists that have been reviewed and believed to be of enhanced quality. The LPL Financial Research team does this by monitoring multiple attributes, which include managers’performance, adherence to philosophical guidelines, low personnel turnover, consistency of assets under management, etc.
  • The team is responsible for rigorous diligence on products before offering them to clients. Customized to meet your individual investment needs.

LPL Financial Investment Research

  • LPL Investment Research provides macro and quantitative analysis of markets and sector trends. The core focus of the group is to help investing clients make informed decisions by providing value-added, independent, insightful analysis.
  • As one of the industry’s leading independent advisory firm, the breadth of LPL Financial research coverage reflects a focus on meeting individual investors’ needs.
  • LPL Financial has no proprietary products to sell, no investment banking relationships to promote, nor any other business conflicts to get in the way of providing unbiased recommendations.
  • The LPL Financial analysis, advice and reports are designed to deliver independent opinions empowering LPL advisors to work solely in the interest of clients.

The Six “I”s of Research:

  • Integrity
  • Independence
  • Insight
  • Innovation
  • Illustration
  • Illumination